Upcoming shows:
None at the moment, but we're going dormant for a while.
We'll have the whole album up for downloading soon…

Sorry, our appearance at the Friday the 13th show has been canceled.

{Updated July 12th, 2018}

Sold out of our first album…
must print more!
Kings of the Night

Here's a couple new tracks:
Swords of the Hills - Kings of the Night
These sort of complete the demo: when we recorded Swords of the Hills,
Aaron Ballenger had just finished writing the first half, and Erich didn't have his string-jumping bass jam yet.
Kings of the Night is our newest, and it starts with the bottom string of the sub-bass:
a quarter-inch monster (.254) that's tuned to C0 (16.35 Hertz: lower than a grand piano!)

Grab our 2012 demo here:
High Quality VBR version

(22.6 MB - Variable bitrate encoded for smaller files without sacrificing quality.)

320Kbps CBR version
(38.2 MB - Higher compatibility but larger files - if the above doesn't work for you. [iTunes?])

Hyborian Rage are:
Dan Watson: Vocals
Aaron Ballenger: Guitar
Aaron Beall: Guitar
Erich Schipper: Sub-Bass
Jake Neely: Drums



This band is a tribute to the late, great author Robert E. Howard:
creator of Conan the Barbarian and many others.


1906 - 1936