Hyborian Rage are:
Dan Watson: Vocals
Aaron Ballenger: Guitar
Aaron Beall: Guitar
Erich Schipper: Sub-Bass
Jake Neely: Drums

We are on hiatus at the moment,
but the main band now has a new lineup!
We are the side project of Truculence
and descendents of Adrenalin Reaction.

Until we return, here's our demo and album for downloading!

{Updated September 20th, 2020}
Our downloads now feature all of the inside art: not just the covers!

Hyborian Rage were:
Dan Watson: Vocals
Aaron Ballenger: Guitar
Erich Schipper: Sub-Bass
Dustin Stangeland: Drums

Kings of the Night
Grab our 2015 album here:

(39.8 MB)

The Demo
Grab our 2012 demo here:

(25.6 MB)



This band is a tribute to the late, great author Robert E. Howard:
creator of Conan the Barbarian and many others.


1906 - 1936